• HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael
    999.9 GoldSellHK$711HK$26,610

    999.99 GoldSellHK$732HK$27,400

  • HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael

    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

Price update date: 22/07/2024 09:28:37 (Mon)
*This price is for reference only



Heralded as one of the most trusted jewellers in Hong Kong, King Fook Jewellery continues to uphold the motto set by the founder, Mr. C. W. Young, in delivering the highest level of “Integrity, Diligence and Professionalism” as the corporate vision.



In the pursuit of excellence, King Fook Jewellery is committed to offering its customers a comprehensive choice of premium quality products and superb professional services.

At the same time, it aims to maximize shareholder value and maintain a consistent growth in profitability while providing a good working environment that nurture maximum personal growth for its employees.



Distinctive design creativity, exceptional product quality, professional people talent and accountable corporate social responsibility are the core values of King Fook Jewellery.

King Fook Jewellery successfully translate traditional Chinese culture, art and philosophy into inspirations of modern jewellery designs. Combined with stringent material vetting and selection, every piece of jewellery created is unique and of the utmost quality.

In line with the corporate motto, service excellence is diligently achieved through talent development with continuous training programs, aiming to excel and exert professional service to ensure sensational shopping experience for all customers.

As a responsible and accountable corporation, strategies governing operating efficiency and directives for long term development sustainability are implemented to help contribute to environmental conservation and social development.



King Fook Jewellery aims to bringing comprehensive premium product choices and superb quality services to its customers through the three aspects of target market, product designs and shopping experience.

The target market is to reach out to local, medium to high-end customers and overseas visitors. Accordingly, suitable locations are continuously being identified for possible further retail expansion.

Product-wise, apart from offering exclusive imported brands and premium quality products with creative designs, the Company will also focus on providing bespoke design service for discerning customers who expect their jewellery items will be one-of-a-kind and tell their personalized stories.

As a continuous effort in bringing the best shopping experience to the customers, training programs for frontline sales staff are geared towards delivering the highest service standard; shop designs and interior decorations are progressively upgraded to provide a comfortable shopping environment and data analytics are being deployed to tailor made more thoughtful, personalized customer service and products.