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Mr. Carmelo Ficarra, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau, proudly announces the anchor programme of Italia on Stage – the extraordinary “Annamaria Cammilli – Firenze to Firenze” immersive exhibition presented by masterpiece by king fook

From left: Ms Paulette Sum, CEO of King Fook Holdings Ltd and Mr. Carmelo Ficarra, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau



Mr. Carmelo Ficarra, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau, proudly announces that Italia on Stage, an Italian Festival held annually in Hong Kong to promote Italian culture and lifestyle to local communities, will feature the extraordinary “Annamaria Cammilli – Firenze to Firenze” immersive exhibition, presented by masterpiece by king fook from 4th to 9th of November at Tai Kwun, Hong Kong as its anchor programme. He says, “Florence, the art capital of the world and the cradle of the Renaissance, has continuously inspired Florentine artist-turned-jeweller Ms Annamaria Cammilli to transform its rich artistic heritage into artworks and jewellery designs. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of her jewellery brand, the ‘Firenze to Firenze’ exhibition reveals to the world the muse of Annamaria Cammilli’s sensational achievements in a spectacular immersive projection show, inviting audience to indulge themselves into the stunning cityscape of Florence, the awe-inspiring Uffizi Gallery, and the creative journey of Annamaria Cammilli.” The Consul General also took the opportunity to congratulate Annamaria Cammilli on its 40th anniversary and extend his appreciation to masterpiece by king fook for organising this intriguing, artistic Italian journey in Hong Kong for the public to discover the allure of Italian artistic flair and craftsmanship. 


Annamaria Cammilli’s fascinating art pieces demonstrate the transformation and evolution in her exceptional creative journey.



The jewellery brand Annamaria Cammilli was founded in 1983 by the famous artist-turned-jeweller Annamaria Cammilli in Florence, taking inspirations from her favourite hometown, including its beautiful nature, the magnificent architecture and the spectacular masterpieces of art at the Uffizi Gallery, and being enlightened that she could transform and derive these into the brand’s fundamental artistic matrix: the sculptural volumes, the colours of gold and the velvety finish of the surfaces which define the unique characteristics of each Annamaria Cammilli jewellery pieces favoured by connoisseurs around the world over four decades.



In celebration of the Maison’s 40th anniversary, a spectacular immersive exhibition entitled “Annamaria Cammilli – Firenze to Firenze” will be held at Tai Kwun in Hong Kong during the period of 4th to 9th November 2023 paying tribute to this multi-talented painter, sculptor and jewellery designer.




The immersive exhibition takes the audience on an intriguing visual journey, in which they can indulge themselves in the unique artistic atmosphere of the city of Florence, the masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery, be surrounded by captivating architecture and artworks, relive the awakening moment when Annamaria Cammilli was inspired to embark on her jewellery design career, discover the creative process of Annamaria Cammilli, from her inspiration to the final products, and get a close-up view of the intricate design details of her creations. In addition to the virtual journey, a collection of Annamaria Cammilli paintings, sculptures and jewellery pieces are on display, inviting visitors to further explore the transformation and evolution of her artistic world via the three exhibition zones – the Beginning, the Evolution and Today.




Ms Annamaria Cammilli remarks, “Making art is my life. I have been falling in love with painting since I was a little girl. I am very blessed that I can express my passion in art and my affection for nature through my jewellery creations since I established my jewellery brand 40 years ago in Florence, where I got influenced and inspired by its cultural atmosphere. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to masterpiece by king fook, our long-term partner who brings our jewellery pieces from Florence all the way to jewellery lovers and stylish ladies in Hong Kong.”



Ms Paulette Sum, CEO of King Fook Holdings Ltd, remarks, “It is the unwavering vision of masterpiece by king fook to introduce international luxury jewellery brands with outstanding craftsmanship and distinctive designs to Hong Kong. Manifesting our appreciation for the imaginative creativity and exceptional mastery of Annamaria Cammilli and our passion to share such appreciation in a profound manner, we are very honoured to present this fascinating exhibition that brings the Florentine heritage and creative inspirations, the growth, transformation and evolution of Annamaria Cammilli, one of the greatest Italian jewellery artists of all times to jewellery-lovers, art-lovers and the public in this part of the world. Please join us at this unique, artistic and creative Italian journey.”


“Firenze to Firenze” Exhibition: 
Date: 4th to 9th November 2023
Time: 11am to 7pm
Location: F Hall at Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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