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    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

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king fook jewellery celebrates the impressive colors of spring with splendid jewellery creations



Blooming flowers, emerald-green trees and fascinating creatures thrive upon the arrival of spring. The beautiful sceneries in Mother Nature offer unlimited inspirations to jewellery designers. To celebrate the vibrant colors of spring, king fook jewellery proudly presents a variety of colorful jewellery products featuring exceptional gemstones, while masterpiece by king fook exclusively introduces fabulous creations from top international jewellery brands to stylish ladies, gracing their outfits in this wonderful season of life.



king fook jewellery


As a well-known jeweller, king fook jewellery sets an exceedingly high bar for the gemstones used in its products. All the gemstones and diamonds are sourced and hand-picked by experienced experts to ensure that their quality meet the high standard of the brand. Beautiful color diamonds grace the ring, bangle and earrings which are inspired by blooming flowers, exuding allure of the wonderful colors of spring. An exquisite bracelet featuring delicate diamonds in different colors perfectly complements the distinctive charm of elegant ladies.



king fook jewellery
18K White Gold Earrings
with Pink Diamonds and Diamonds
king fook jewellery
18K White Gold Bangle
with Color Diamonds
king fook jewellery
18K White Gold Ring
with Pink Diamond and Diamonds


king fook jewellery 18K
Gold Bracelet with Color Diamonds
king fook jewellery 18K
White Gold Bangle with Color Diamonds



Annamaria Cammilli



From desert dunes, crystal-clear streams, the sun to flourishing flowers, the mesmerizing elements in Mother Nature are creatively translated into jewellery pieces of the prestigious Italian jewellery brand Annamaria Cammilli, showcasing the artistic DNA of the brand’s birthplace Florence, dubbed “the cradle of the Renaissance”. The brand is famous for its eight original and unique shades of 18K gold, namely natural beige, white ice, black lava, yellow lemon bamboo, orange apricot, pink champagne, yellow sunrise and brown chocolate, as well as the outstanding gold surface treatment and processing skills, for example, the signature finish “Aetherna” that brings an alternation of shiny and velvety effects on the gold surfaces for enhanced depth of shapes and three-dimensionality. With colorful gemstones and dazzling diamonds, the Italian Maison creates sophisticated wearable art pieces, perfectly adorning the versatile styles of cosmopolitan ladies.


Dune Cubic Pendant in
18K Yellow Sunrise
Gold with Diamond
and Moonstone
Santorini Earrings in
18K Pink Champagne
Goldwith Aqua
Color Chalcedony
Dune Color Ring in
18K Orange Apricot Gold
with Diamonds and Light
Blue Tourmalines


Dune Solar Color Pendant
in 18K White Ice Gold
with Diamonds and Pink
Dune Solar Color Pendant
in 18K Yellow Sunrise Gold
with Diamonds, Peridots
and Green Tourmalines     
Dune Solar Color Bangle
in 18K Orange Apricot Gold
with Diamonds and Peridots






A family-owned business driven by passion, the German high jewellery brand Stenzhorn was established in 1979 by Klaus Stenzhorn, who is a travel enthusiast with rich experience in sailing and multi-continental adventures. From the wonderful sceneries like red African sunsets, the green expanse of the Amazon rainforest and the exotic islands in the Pacific Ocean, to the vivid creatures such as bees, butterflies and roses, the ever-changing facets of nature become the sources of inspirations of the brand’s fascinating jewellery products. With its pursuit of excellence and the well-acclaimed techniques including invisible diamond setting, pavé setting and color graduation, the brand has never ceased to create marvellous masterpieces with a deep love of nature to delight modern ladies with fashionable sense.



À Fleur de Paris White Gold Ring
with Diamonds and Ruby      
À Fleur de Paris White Gold Ring
with Diamonds and Ruby
Piccole Sonate Rose Gold Ring
with Diamonds and Rubies



Snow White and Rose Red White Gold
Bangle with Diamonds and Rubies
Butterfly Lovers Pendant with
Diamonds and Rubies
Bora Bora White Gold Pendant
with Diamonds and Emerald



Mattia Cielo



A modern jewellery brand that is famous for its avant-garde and dynamic style, Mattia Cielo infuses modern industrial design concepts and ergonomic research into its spellbinding jewellery products while stressing on attributes such as softness, playfulness and durability, enabling its creations to move along the body rhythms of modern ladies. Mattia Cielo’s Rugiada collection cleverly combines multiple gold rings to form a rotating shape featuring spiral designs. Making use of an innovative titanium alloy from the aerospace industry, graced with colorful gemstones and sparkling diamonds that dazzle along the gold rings, the jewellery pieces add a lively and charismatic touch to all styles.

Rugiada Pietre 18K Rose Gold
Bangle with Diamonds
and Colorful Gemstones
Rugiada Pietre 18K
Rose Gold Ring with Diamonds
and Colorful Gemstones
Rugiada Pietre 18K Rose Gold
Earrings with Diamonds
and Colorful Gemstones






Founded by Carlo Palmiero in Valenza, the municipality in North-western Italy, Palmiero offers jewellery creations that fuse unique designs with delicate craftsmanship, such as the signature color gradient processing method, demonstrating the brand’s exceptional jewellery artistry. Capturing the liveliness of botanical beauty, Palmiero’s Acanthus collection and Pansy Flower collection feature the unmistakable shapes of plants, while utilizing the Maison’s color gradient processing method to reinterpret the texture of the plants with sparkling white and green diamonds, radiating the glamour of vivid colors of spring.

Palmiero Acanthus
Ring with Diamonds     
Palmiero Acanthus
Earrings with Diamonds
Pansy Flower Ring
with Diamonds