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    999.9 GoldSellHK$697HK$26,080

    999.99 GoldSellHK$718HK$26,860

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    999.9 BullionSellHK$621HK$23,260

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King Fook Jewellery – a thoughtful one-stop shop for an all-embracing Valentine’s Day gift giving



Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love – with flowers, champagne and meaningful gifts as tokens of your loving thoughts. But going shopping for a perfect gift, ordering flowers and champagne at the same time can sometimes be a bit hectic.


King Fook Jewellery and masterpiece by king fook is thoughtful enough to take care of everything for you. As a first, King Fook and masterpiece by king fook are offering its customers a one-stop shop for an all-embracing Valentine’s Day shopping. Customers will receive a complimentary bottle of French champagne upon net purchase of jewellery products of HK$8,000 or above. And for the romantic love bugs, a beautiful bouquet (worth around HK$2,000) made with 16 pink sweet avalanche roses and designed by renowned floral designer Gary Kwok with compliments from King Fook and masterpiece by king fook, will be prepared for you upon net purchase of jewellery products of HK$20,000 or above. First come first serve while stock last.




Getting ready for all the must-have romantic elements this Valentine’s Day for you and your loved is easier than ever at King Fook and masterpiece by king fook. All you need to prepare is to sit back and get ready to enjoy a happy and memorable Valentine’s Day celebration.



Puzzle Collection



Each piece of a jigsaw puzzle features a unique shape. When the two pieces that are meant to be are put together, they form an unbreakable two-in-one union. A recollection of childhood memories and a metaphor for finding the right one in life, the Puzzle Collection features jewellery pieces that are designed in the shapes of jigsaw puzzle pieces, adorned with diamonds that stand for eternal love.


Puzzle Jewellery Collection Bracelet Puzzle Jewellery Collection Necklace



Fireworks Diamond Collection



Dazzling fireworks are a classic background for romantic scenes. Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing forms, lines and trajectories of fireworks, this collection skilfully combines an array of sophisticated designs and meticulously-cut diamonds to celebrate love just like bursting fireworks.


Bouquet Collection Diamond Necklace      Bouquet Collection Diamond Earrings


Willow Collection Diamond Ring      Pinwheel Collection Diamond Earrings


Paper Plane Diamond Collection


Crafted in 18K white gold and 18K rose gold and adorned with brilliant diamonds, the Paper Plane Diamond Collection consists of adorable and heartfelt diamond accessories featuring intricate paper planes and dreamy cloud elements, elevating you and your loved one to a magical aerial journey.



18K Rose Gold Diamond Necklace      18K White Gold and Rose Gold 
Diamond Bracelet



Stenzhorn Bee Mine collection



The elegant Bee Mine collection by German high-end jewellery brand Stenzhorn took inspiration from the honeybee: a symbol of love that is often found in Renaissance paintings and poetry. Incorporating heart-shaped designs, semi-precious stones and diamonds, jewellery pieces from this collection are manifestation of everlasting love.


Bee Mine Collection
Diamond Pavè and 18K Mosaic Ruby Rose Gold Bangle
Bee Mine Collection
Diamond Pavè and 18K Mosaic Ruby Rose Gold Ring




Day Night Collection



Precious black and grey diamonds, mysterious and translucent milky diamonds and clear white diamonds artistically adorn the fabulous signature jewellery pieces to grace and compliment the wearer’s distinctive charm with confidence. The intricate interlocking design exemplifies the connected hearts of loved ones, making them the perfect token of true love.


Day Night Collection
18K Rose Gold Bracelet with
Grey Diamonds and Milky Diamonds
Day Night Collection
18K White Gold Necklace with
Grey Diamonds and Milky Diamonds
Day Night Collection
White Gold Ring with
Black Diamonds and White Diamonds




Other Collections



Love is the Muse for these King Fook Jewellery creations featuring glittering diamonds, the epitome of eternal love. From the single earring illustrating the word “Love” to the bangle with heart-shaped elements, these meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts will speak love for you to your loved one.


18K Gold Bangle with Diamonds  18K Gold Single Earring with Diamonds 18K Rose Gold Bangle with Diamonds