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masterpiece by king fook exclusively presents dazzling creations from Annamaria Cammilli as the perfect gift ideas to celebrate a twinkling Christmas



Grasp the romantic Christmas season to reveal your loving thoughts with a piece of delicately designed and meticulously crafted jewellery by Annamaria Cammilli, the fine Italian jewellery brand founded in 1983, famous for its distinctive designs inspired by beautiful landscapes of nature. As the one-and-only jeweller that is able to offer eight original and unique shades of 18K gold, Annamaria Cammilli uses gold materials of different colours, diamonds and colourful gemstones to create iconic jewellery creations that feature elegant curves and distinct layers, exemplifying the exceptional Italian flair. The brand’s signature finish “Aetherna” showcasing an alternation of shiny and velvety effect further enhances the depth and the three-dimensionality of its jewellery creations.



Dedicated to its mission of discovering and introducing a world of extraordinary designs by selective top jewellers to Hong Kong, masterpiece by king fook is proud to exclusively present Annamaria Cammilli and its magnificent range of jewellery creations that will easily make the top of the list of the most wanted gift items.







Velaa Royale collection



The golden, curved designs of the Velaa Royale recall the desert dunes gently smoothed out by the winds. The solitaire style is enhanced by the alternation between shiny and velvety gold surfaces, which surround a single precious diamond at the centre to highlight its dazzling nature, making the creations perfect embellishment to adorn different outfits for Christmas parties.


Velaa Royale Ring
in 18K Natural Beige Gold
with A Diamond
Velaa Royale Ring
in 18K White Ice Gold
with A Diamond






Goccia collection


Demonstrating the unique and inimitable style of the brand, the Goccia collection is inspired by the elegant curves of droplets. The velvety creations are enhanced by a precious surrounding border of glittering diamonds, characterised by a total matte finish, to highlight the soft curves, resulting in subtle yet sophisticated accessories which are perfect for all festive gatherings.



Pendant in 18K Pink
Champagne Gold with Diamonds
Pendant in 18K Yellow
Sunrise Gold with Diamonds
Bracelet in 18K Bicolor
Orange Apricot and Yellow
Sunrise Gold
with Diamonds



Goccia Earrings in 18K Bicolor White Ice
and Black Lava Gold with Diamonds
Goccia Pendant in 18K Bicolor Orange Apricot
and Yellow Sunrise Gold with Diamonds






Bouquet collection


Flowers and jewellery are the unbeatable tokens of love. Annamaria Cammilli translates them into the dazzling creations of Bouquet collection that resemble the soft movements of flowers. Thanks to the unparalleled craftsmanship of the brand, these “eternal flowers” feature alternation of shiny and velvety gold surfaces which infuse additional realism to the jewels, enriched by meticulous engravings and gemstones that radiate romantic glamour.


Bouquet Ring in 18K Orange
Apricot Gold with A Diamond
Bouquet Pendant In 18K Tricolor
Pink Champagne,
Yellow Sunrise and Orange
Apricot Gold with Diamonds 





Sultana collection



The black and white design makes you stand out in a group of partygoers dressed in colourful Christmas outfits. The Sultana collection features sophisticated wavy curves that raise the depth of the shapes and three-dimensionality, showcasing the extraordinary characters of the wearers. The velvety gold surfaces meet a precious frame of diamonds to highlight the graceful curves of the jewels.


Sultana Pendant in 18K Tricolor White Ice,
Natural Beige and Black Lava Gold with Diamonds     
Sultana Earrings in 18K Black Lava Gold
with Diamonds