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“The Green Treasure Show” Exhibition

King Fook Jewellery Hosts “The Green Treasure Show” Exhibition 
Indulge in the Dual Beauty of the Exquisite Jade and Emerald in the Journey of  
East Meets West


The world of jewellery is colorful and enchanting. Among gemstones of different colours, rare jade and emeralds  have  always  been  treasured  by  the  royalty  and  celebrities  worldwide.  Known  for  its abundant offerings of extraordinary and premium jewellery, King  Fook  Jewellery will be holding an exhibition  titled  as  “The  Green  Treasure  Show”,  featuring  a  plethora  of  lavish  jade  and  emerald exquisite pieces. Taking place from 27th April to 5th May at the King Fook Jewellery branch located at the Central Building in Central, the show allows the public to immerse themselves amidst the mystical and unusual charm of the two green treasures, jade and emerald.  


King Fook Jewellery will showcase a range of jade jewellery that represents the traditional Chinese jadeite culture along with emerald jewellery that is recognized by the global jewellery industry as one of the four most precious gems. Featuring the theme of “Green Treasures”, it is probably the first show in  Hong  Kong  where  one  can  sample  and  appreciate  both  the  Eastern and  Western  fascination  on such green treasure trove all in one place. It is indeed a rare occasion definitely not to be missed.  


The jadeite, which is otherwise known as the "King of the Jade", was  deeply  adored  by  the  Chinese  historical  figure  Empress Dowager  Cixi.  Since  then,  the  collection  of  jadeites  been popularised  and  become  a  symbol  of  supreme  status  and honour. The beautiful stone, which features a vibrant green hue, high  translucency  and  high  hardness,  is  regarded  as  the treasure of the East and commands a high collection value. As its  vibrancy  and  transparency  will  be  enhanced  over  time, jadeite is widely treasured as a valuable heirloom.  


While  Empress  Dowager  Cixi  was  a  dedicated  collector  of  jadeite, legendary   American   actress   Elizabeth   Taylor   was   also   deeply passionate  about  the  beautiful  stone.  The  famed  star  was known for her love for opulent jewellery, with the emerald necklace being one of the  most  famous  of  all.  Gifted  by  her  husband  Richard  Burton,  the necklace was worn by Taylor in many important occasions in her life. 
Synonyms  with  eternity  and  love,  the  emerald  is  regarded  as  the oldest  gem  in  history,  as  seen  in  the  jewellery  creations  in  ancient Egypt.  Recognised as one of the four most precious gems worldwide alongside  diamonds,  rubies  and  sapphires,  emeralds  are  highly coveted by collectors for centuries. Known for its scarcity and topnotch quality   in   the   gemstone   market,   the   widely   sought-after   stone 
commands an extremely high market value.  


Today, jade and emeralds are no longer restricted to the royalty’s collections. Thanks to the elegant and stylish designs by contemporary jewellery designers, jade and emeralds are restyled into modern forms which can be easily mixed and matched with different outfits.  


Simply  wear  a  jade  bangle  and  an  emerald  ring  to  match  a  chic  ensemble  and  you  will  exude  an unstated sense of feminine elegance. While a jade necklace and some emerald earrings will no doubt add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your little black dress at any dinner banquets.  

The  selection  of  jade  and  emerald  jewellery  featured  in  the  upcoming  exhibition  commands  a  very high rarity and preciousness in the market. Let King Fook Jewellery take you on a journey to explore the mysterious and enchanting jade and emerald series! 


“The Green Treasure Show” 

Date: April 27 – May 5, 2019 
Time: 10:00 – 20:00 
Venue: Shop G21, Central Building, 1-3 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong