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King Fook Jewellery presents 「Blissful Pig」 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection, conveying endless blessings to the newly-weds


Lovers deserve abundant blessings in their union, while some of these blessings are delivered through meaningful traditional practices related to wedding ceremonies. As much as jewellery has always played a vital role in weddings as the witness of love, King Fook Jewellery’s Wedding Collection has the honour of perfecting the big days in multiple ways. For instance, the necklace and bangle from the latest “Blissful Pig” 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection transform the meaningful and traditional gold wedding jewellery with refreshing design.



According to Chinese wedding tradition, senior family members would shower the bride with gold jewellery as token of their well wishes. The eye-catching jewellery pieces are symbolic of how much blessings and grace the bride receives and possess. Among all jewellery items, a necklace with a pig motif, usually given by the groom’s parents, is one of the most indispensable pieces worn by the bride. The original design of this meaningful item features a mother pig with pairs of dangling piglets, as pig is in general a symbol of abundance and fertility, and it represents well wishes for the bride bearing abundant offspring. A variant of the basic design would be having two or more rows of pigs instead of just one, which adds an extra meaning of having a perfect family with multiple generations of prosperity.


King Fook Jewellery
Blissful Pig 999.9 Chuk Kam Necklace




King Fook Jewellery’s latest interpretation of the traditional pig necklace is a cute, modernized version tailored to appeal to the modern brides . Prominent elements on the Blissful Pig 999.9 Chuk Kam necklace include female piglets wearing floral crown and necklace and male piglets in bowtie that showcase an endearing and whimsical look. The cheerful expression and slightly plumped body of the pigs signify happiness and wealth. Three different sizes of pigs can be seen on the necklace, with each size representing one generation of family members. The overall design paints the perfect picture of continuing the family lineage. The six piglets in three-dimensional form at the bottom are the representation of having ample of children and grandchildren with good health and joy. There are other auspicious motifs on the necklace, too. The heart-shaped motif and the Chinese character “囍” (which means “double happiness”) have long been associated with love. As they are interconnected with other elements, there is an additional meaning of “tying the knot forever” and “in good harmony”. The level of detail of the design is further witnessed on the selection of the chain style. The simple gold chain is in the shape of the number “8”, which is a well-known sign of prosperity and abundance in Chinese tradition.



King Fook Jewellery 
Blissful Pig 999.9 Chuk Kam Bangle


The bangle from the Blissful Pig 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection features the lovable pig couple with the design that resembles the necklace, with six piglets in three-dimensional form gathering around their feet. The smiling piglets come in an even number as it symbolizes “double happiness and harmony” while the number “six” in Cantonese is a homonym for wealth . Six is also related to the meaning of infinity, blessing the couple with endless happiness and good fortune. In terms of style, the openwork design on the bangle adds a refreshing and contrasting touch to the traditional jewellery piece.