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    999.9 GoldSellHK$711HK$26,610

    999.99 GoldSellHK$732HK$27,400

  • HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael

    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

Price update date: 22/07/2024 09:28:37 (Mon)
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Pioneering the Vogue of Modern 999.9 Chuk Kam King Fook Jewellery Sets the Trend with the “Chuk Kim in Style” Concept


King Fook Jewellery, a trendsetter in gold accessory design, successfully translates traditional Chinese culture, value and aesthetics with modern techniques into  striking Chuk Kam accessories fit for modern day lifestyle. Its latest campaign “Chuk Kam in Style” breaks  away from traditional frameworks and demonstrates how Chuk Kam can form part of a metropolitan, stylish wardrobe through simple mix and match concept.


Five design concepts of Chuk Kam accessories radiate the power and seductiveness of modern women. Taking inspiration from the Chinese draw string Bridal Bag often seen in a wedding, the necklace and bracelet from Bliss Collection embellish the eye-catching feathery top with its petite, elegant and adorable design. Inspired by the noble and pure character of lotus, the necklace and bracelet from Lotus Collection grace the mock turtle-neck top with elegance and class; another spectacular necklace from the collection enhances the lines of a low-cut, bare back evening gown. Featuring motifs from the Suzhou garden’s spectacular window frames, the bracelet and rings of Chinese Frame 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection add a touch of style to the simple yet elegant sleeveless skirt.


Interpreting the essence of Chuk Kam with a modern twist and a chic style, the Bliss Collection creatively pioneers modern gold accessories as everyday styling. Boasting exceptional engraving and an imperial luxurious style, the Featured Dragon & Phoenix 999.9 Chuk Kam  necklace and earrings complement the glamour of the V-neck long evening gown, showcasing a modern flair in traditional wedding.


To fully express the concept of “Chuk Kam in Style”, King Fook Jewellery engaged Miss Leung Mo, a celebrated Hong Kong photographer who had been awarded the prestigious title of “The Fashion Award New Wave: Creatives”,  to carry out the photoshoot of the Chuk Kam in Style campaign.



King Fook Jewellery Bliss Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam earrings, rings and necklace



King Fook Jewellery Lotus Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam bracelet and necklace



King Fook Jewellery Lotus Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam ring and necklace



King Fook Jewellery Chinese Frame Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam Accessories



King Fook Jewellery Lotus Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam bracelet and rings
King Fook Jewellery Brand New Bliss Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam necklace



King Fook Jewellery Featured Fashion 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection