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Annamaria Cammilli captures the exotic mood with its unique jewellery pieces


Inspired by Nature’s perfect formations, Italian jeweller Annamaria Cammilli's unique jewellery creations feature elegant design, profound depth and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship, radiating an aroma of imagination, charm and romance.

The Florence-based jewellery brand was founded by Annamaria Cammilli, a painter and sculptress who is immensely influenced by the cultural atmosphere of the city often called the cradle of the Renaissance. While the brand was established in 1983, its goldsmith tradition has its roots dated back in 1870, and the company is now led by the children of Annamaria – the fifth generation of the Renai goldsmith family. Founder Annamaria Cammilli entered the world of high jewellery in the 1970s with her undisputed talent in art, firstly under the name of her husband’s family who had been jewellers for generations. The immediate success eventually led to the birth of her own brand, thriving not only locally but also internationally.

Annamaria Cammilli's sculpting skills invent and reinvent beauty, and they are the starting point for understanding the true value of the brand's jewels. Three-dimensional volumes are a constant feature of the jewellery pieces and they are not dissimilar to miniature sculptures. The pieces are brought to life by expert hands through carving unprecedented shapes in the wax and subsequently goldsmith finish.

Special finishes of the gold surface is a distinctive feature of Annamaria Cammilli jewellery pieces. With over 35 years of experiences in gold surface treatment and processing, lasting velvety effects are made feasible on the metal surfaces. The signature finish is called “Aetherna”, showcasing an alternation of shiny and silky effect that enhances the depth of the shapes and their three-dimensionality. The brand offers eight original and recognizable shades of 18K- gold resulted from years of research and experimentation, just like a painter creating with a palette of shades. The unmistakable uniqueness of the jeweller's creations and craftsmanship make them famous around the world.

Jewels with a story to be told, recognisable without reading the label.


Velaa collection

Velaa collection is inspired by the natural feature desert and the desert dunes softly smoothed by the winds, taking golden waves as the main point. The eclectic and contemporary Velaa collection features a streamlined design originated from Dune series, accentuated by dazzling diamonds. The airy and simple Velaa Star series that offer rings, earrings and bracelets, is characterized by its distinctive and surprising three-dimensionality formed by an original interplay of golden waves and the space that crosses them, motivated by the soft and lofty desert dunes, also in a succession of uncluttered and sinuous lines that simplify the irregular features of Dune while amplifying its volumes, preserving its iconic shiny and velvety finish. The solitaire standing in the centre enhances the pleasant wavy geometry of the series. On the other hand, the pronounced volume and minimal shape characteristic of the Velaa Pavé collection meet the sparkling lines of the pavé diamonds that fit perfectly into the wavy movements on the pendant, which magnifies its dazzle. The distinctive alternation of shiny and velvety surfaces further enhances the depth of the shapes, giving life to an iridescent play of light and shadow. It also heightens the signature waves pattern in gold, framing a picture of a stunning sunset and calm, lofty waves, evoking the feelings of an exotic land. 




Velvet collection

As Annamaria Cammilli's first product line without diamonds, Velvet is meticulously crafted with craftsmanship that is handed down over the decades. The jewellery pieces feature gold petals with a velvety effect on the surface, hence being crowned the name "Velvet". The unique trait of this collection is the special Aetherna finish: although they may look large and very visible, the pieces are extremely light-weighted. Eye-catching yet versatile, the Velvet collection comes in earrings and necklaces of various designs. Minimalistic and elegant, a woman in Velvet is graced with multi-facetted beauty and charisma.


Regina collection

An extraordinary three-dimensionality meets inimitable combinations of shades of gold, creating a majestic play of light and shadow. An iconic collection, inspired by the soft movements of water. A collection with an unmistakably contemporary design, whose fluid and uncluttered forms recall the language of architecture. A precious edge of sparkling diamonds illuminates the sculptural curves of these creations, enhancing their three-dimensionality. Unexpected volumes meet three different nuances of 18kt gold: Chocolate brown, Natural beige and White Ice.




Bouquet collection

The creations of the Bouquet collection faithfully reflect the soft movements of flowers, transformed into a precious gold micro-sculpture thanks to the skill of expert hands. A historic collection, developed thanks to the artistic talent of Annamaria Cammilli, who has been always deeply fascinated and inspired by the beauty of nature. The alternation of shiny and velvety gold surfaces adds additional plasticity and realism to the jewels, enriched by meticulous engravings completed by hand. A timeless style that suits any woman with a romantic taste and refined sensitivity.


Annamaria Cammilli showcase at masterpiece by king fook Central image store



In celebration of the recent opening of masterpiece by king fook image store on Pedder Street in Central, a special highlight of Annamaria Cammilli jewellery pieces is being showcased in the store. Founder Annamaria Cammilli has drawn two paintings, “Sunflowers” and “Lilies”, to be displayed specifically for this occasion. The former painting represents the stars that shine on the planet with energy and beauty, while the colourful lily bouquet in the latter is swaying in the wind as in a dreamy dance. These harmonious shapes of nature have always inspired Annamaria Cammilli in jewellery creations.

Matching the floral elements in Annamaria Cammilli’s unique jewels, masterpiece by king fook has invited renowned florist Gary Kwok to create special floral decoration for the event, turning the store into a little garden. Additionally, special photo frames telling the secret connection between Florentine art and Annamaria Cammilli jewellery collections can also be found. Customers are invited to visit the photogenic store to view the limited-time displays and immerse themselves in the artistic atmosphere.