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    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

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King Fook Jewellery Fireworks Collection
A dazzling new diamond collection inspired by the sparkles in the sky


At all times and in all places, spectacular fireworks are a symbol of romance and cele-bration. They light up the night sky that witness countless lovers’ vows, and inspire myriad chef d'oeuvre of poetry and artworks. With over seven decades of experience in high jewellery, King Fook Jewellery is well-known for its stunning jewellery masterpieces with delicate original design and exquisite craftsmanship. Comprising 28 pieces, its brand new Fireworks Diamond collection draws inspiration from the ever-changing forms, lines and trajectories of fireworks. By ingeniously combining an array of diamond cuts with sophisticated designs, the collection sparkles in all its brightness just like the bursting fireworks. 

Boasting a series of distinctive designs, the collection puts together taper-cut, baguette-cut, fancy-cut, and round brilliant-cut diamonds with a touch of ingenuity. To achieve the best results, designers had to meticulously plan out the composition of diamonds in multifarious shapes and cuts so that they are visually harmonious as a whole, making the selection process of diamonds particularly difficult. In addition, the size of materials used also added to the degree of difficulty in creating pieces in different shapes and layers. Such effort- and cost-consuming works could rarely be found in the market.

The word “fireworks” in Chinese carries the meaning of “floral-esque fire”, and bouquet fireworks are exactly that - ones that resembles the beautiful and artistic arrangement of flowers. Inspired by this, the Bouquet jewellery set gives a light and airy look with its clean and sharp lines.

Bouquet Collection Diamond Necklace


Bouquet Collection Diamond Earrings


Bouquet Collection Diamond Earrings





Boasting interlacing sleek and smooth lines, the Pinwheel jewellery set is based on multiple arcs inlaid with smaller round brilliant-cut diamonds, as if the mesmerising fireworks that spin rapidly in the night sky.

Pinwheel Collection Diamond Ring


Pinwheel Collection Diamond Earrings


Pinwheel Collection Diamond Earrings




Reminiscent of palm trees, the namesake fireworks splash out in rich layers. The jewel-lery set inspired by it subtly reproduces the eye-pleasing feature with its unique diamonds arrangement. It also reminds one of palm flower spikes.

Palm Collection Diamond Earrings




Drawing inspiration from the eponymous fireworks, Pistil jewellery set vividly renders the delicately beautiful pistil with shimmering diamonds.

Pistil Collection Diamond Necklace




Crossette is a type of fireworks that breaks into multiple cross-shaped comets. The namesake jewellery set is not only a faithful rendition of it, but also reminds one of bright stars and blooming flowers.

Crossette Collection Diamond Earrings




The peony fireworks are so named for its bursting into a spherical ball of coloured lights in the sky, hence this jewellery set features a radiating composition that fully displays the beauty of peony. 

Peony Collection Diamond Earrings


Peony Collection Diamond Necklace




By masterly arranging and setting diamonds of various cuts in a symmetrical manner, this jewellery set vividly reproduces the lush and weeping willow trees on the one hand, and perfectly interprets the glamorous sparkles of fireworks on the other.

Willow Collection Diamond Necklace


Willow Collection Diamond Ring