• HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael
    999.9 GoldSellHK$711HK$26,610

    999.99 GoldSellHK$732HK$27,400

  • HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael

    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

Price update date: 22/07/2024 09:28:37 (Mon)
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Savour beauty and happiness with King Fook Jewellery’s brand-new Bliss Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam accessories


A jewellery for all occasions and styles, King Fook Jewellery’s brand-new Bliss Collection  999.9 Chuk Kam accessories reinterpret the essence of traditional Chinese culture with a modern twist, capturing the attention of modern urbanites. With its petite, elegant and adorable design, the collection has become a major sensation since its launch last year. The hit series returns with two new designs for 2021 – taking inspiration from the bridal bag often seen in a wedding, the accessories are filled with a lifetime of love and happiness.


Everything in a wedding is an item of happiness, the bridal bag, particularly, is one of the signature items on the wedding day in Chinese culture. The fuller the bridal bag, the more blessings the couple received, hence foreshadowing a more blissful and prosperous marriage.


999.9 Chuk Kam bracelet, available in baby and mother size


The new Bliss Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam accessories consist of two sets of new designs, each of the two comes with a pendant, a pair of earrings and a bracelet, making them the best wedding gift for couple with style. Crafted with 999.9 Chuk Kam, the accessories feature chic and minimalistic design while retaining the traditional elegance of gold jewellery. The impeccable craftsmanship perfectly complements the equally beautiful make-up and outfits of the bride on the wedding day. The gold items can be worn as a daily jewellery even after the wedding day as a refreshing mix-and-match item. The jewellery is also available in baby size for infants as an amulet, calming their minds while serving as a cute little embellishment. With the accessory’s accompaniment, the baby will always feel loved and blessed, while mother can further enhance the link between herself and the child by wearing the same accessory.

Bliss Collection
999.9 Chuk Kam earrings

The first new set of Bliss Collection 999.9 Chuk Kam accessories adopts a refined Japanese style design theming around butterfly bowknot, symbolising a long-lasting relationship between the couple. Craftsmen of King Fook Jewellery recreate the meticulosity of a Japanese bow with unparalleled craftsmanship, resembling the sprightliness and vigour of a butterfly in spring and summer. With all the cuteness and profound meanings, the creations represent the perfect embodiment of “Chuk Kum in style”.

Bliss Collection
999.9 Chuk Kam earrings

Bliss Collection
999.9 Chuk Kam bracelet


Featuring elements inspired by French embroidery, the other set of 999.9 Chuk Kam accessories uses a minimalistic and elegant approach. French embroidery, which is often found on Haute Couture, is famous for its spectacular volume and eye-catching effect. With their refined skills, King Fook Jewellery’s craftsmen mimics floral pattern of French embroidery with 999.9 Chuk Kum. The exquisite satin finishing contrasts with the shiny polished finishing to highlight the dignified and elegant character of the accessories, mesmerising the wearer with a gentle yet refreshing lifeforce.