• HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael
    999.9 GoldSellHK$711HK$26,610

    999.99 GoldSellHK$732HK$27,400

  • HK$ / GramHK$ / Tael

    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

Price update date: 22/07/2024 09:28:37 (Mon)
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King Fook Jewellery’s Chinese Frame Chuk Kam Collection returns with perfect styles, enchanting your every significant moment in life


King Fook Jewellery’s Chinese Frame Chuk Kam Collection returns with perfect styles, enchanting your every significant moment in life





With its long history, profound cultural connotation and artistic importance, Southern style landscape gardening is the epitome of Chinese landscape garden architecture. The gardens from Suzhou are considered the crème de la crème throughout the long history of this art form. This year, King Fook Jewellery carries on the tradition by expanding the Chinese Frame Chuk Kam Collection with elements taken from Suzhou’s renowned traditional gardens, combining intricate design motifs and exquisite modern craftsmanship to create the new, refreshing and magnificent Chinese Frame 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection. Taking inspirations from Suzhou style window frames, the bangles, rings, earrings, and pendants of the collection adopt a light and airy form while the openwork design leaves room for elegance to accrue. The pieces are perfect for everyday styling or as a sophisticated touch to dressed-up looks.



Gourd motif for infinite blessings


In traditional Chinese culture, gourd symbolises fortune, success, happiness, health, and longevity. Frequently portraited in the shape of two linked circles, gourd also conveys good wishes for abundant offspring and a lifelong marriage. The two earrings and pendants from the Chinese Frame Chuk Kam Collection features 999.9 Chuk Kam outlined in the shape of a gourd. The unique contour brings out the harmonious ambience while the frame-inspired openwork design in the middle catches the attention with its delicate craftsmanship, infusing the pieces with feminine charm of the canal regions in southern China.


Incorporating elements from Suzhou style window frames, this bangle from the collection is shaped in patterns of carved window frames, waves and gourd. Together they symbolise prosperity, luck and success while perfectly fusing the aesthetics of classical decorative frames with modern jewellery design.


The smooth design of the bracelet gives prominence to the gourd centrepiece; delicate frame details on both sides of the gourd add a subtle highlight. The gourd-shaped dangle at the end of the chain charmingly completes the design.



Suzhou style openwork window frames design for a refreshing style

Adopting the iconic openwork details of Suzhou garden windows, King Fook’s designers create a unique frame-like effect with a new approach, showcasing the different facets of the accessory. The 999.9 Chuk Kam ring from the collection is adorned with a richly classical flower dangle for a refreshing and elegant style. This reversible ring – a design breakthrough in Chuk Kam accessory – can be worn on both sides, bringing a modern sensibility to the piece.



Butterflies – a symbol of beauty and loyalty


Butterflies symbolise prosperity, good luck and long marriage while flowers clusters signify good luck and good fortune. It is not unusual to find magical depiction of butterflies and flowers on traditional Suzhou window frames. Inspired by these enchanting designs, King Fook’s designers absorbed the elements of butterflies and flowers into the brand-new Chinese Frame Chuk Kam Collection, conveying the best wishes of fortune and abundance for every couples. One of the bangles perfectly combines the elements of butterflies, flower clusters and Ruyi, a Chinese token of luck, to create an artistic piece that reimages the concept of romance, making it an ideal gift for newlyweds celebrating their union and mutual support.



Auspicious Eight Trigrams motif complemented by unparalleled craftsmanship


In addition to the above-mentioned design elements, the 2021 Chinese Frame Chuk Kum Collection features a new element – Bagua. Bagua, or commonly referred to as Eight Trigrams in English, is a set of ancient symbols used to represent the harmony between yin and yang and the changes of things. The auspicious Eight Trigrams are often used to repel evil and invite fortune, so they are commonly found on window frame designs. The clean and simple oval shape of the earrings and pendants of the collection is embellished with an Eight Trigrams motif at the centre, the elegance of the Chuk Kam items are further enhanced with an understated and elegant dangle, making them perfect accessories for everyday style or lucky charms.