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King Fook Jewellery welcomes the Year of the Ox with charming fine gold creations


King Fook Jewellery welcomes the Year of the Ox with charming fine gold creations


The ox, a manifestation of strength, endurance and good spirit, is a symbol of prosperity, abundance and good fortune in Chinese culture. The pronunciation of the word “ox” also resembles that of the word “change” in Mandarin, making ox ornaments a popular home or office décor item or a meaningful gift among friends and relatives as a wish to bring about positive change in the Lunar New Year. Its obvious connection to the meaning of a bull market makes it a particularly favoured item as it represents success, auspiciousness and a surging market.


Since its establishment in 1949, King Fook Jewellery has been well-known for its unparalleled “gold standard” with its long history in retailing the purest 999.9 gold and the exclusive 999.99 Chuk Kam. With Lunar New Year around the corner, King Fook Jewellery follows the company’s tradition by celebrating the joyous festival with brand new, limited-edition 999.9 gold ornaments and the Swiss-made 999.99 Chuk Kam the Year of the Ox medallion, bidding farewell to the Year of the Rat. Lively decorations for household, the spirited ox and the cute baby oxen carry warm blessings for good fortune in the Year of the Ox.


999.9 Gold Fortune Ox


Looking forward to a prosperous Year of the Ox, the lively and spirited 999.9 Gold Fortune Ox ornament by King Fook shows off its charisma and energy in 4-tael-8-mace or 6-tael versions. With the finest craftsmanship, the artisans of King Fook Jewellery illustrate the vitality of an ox via the curved horns, the waving hair, the confident facial expression, the conspicuous contours of its muscles, and the four steady hoofs, envisioning a fruitful and promising year to come.


Good Prospect and Great Fortune Baby Ox


Another new creation of the collection, the 999.9 gold Good Prospect and Great Fortune Baby Ox is available in 1 tael (27mm in height) or 3 taels (40mm in height). Holding a festive red banner with Chinese characters meaning “good prospect and great fortune”, the adorable miniature ox in 999.9 gold is full of spirit and outstandingly radiant with its big smile. Not only does it serve as a perfect home décor, this ox-inspired ornament is also a lucky charm that brings wealth, bliss and opulence to your home.


The Spring Blessed Boy and Girl Oxen


Weighing 5 maces each and 1 tael in pairs, this set of 999.9 gold boy-and-girl oxen ornament welcomes spring and fortune with innocence. The set symbolises parents’ love and blessings for their children, carrying the best wishes for family harmony and the well-being of new-borns.


999.99 Chuk Kam the Year of the Ox Medallion


King Fook’s exclusive 999.99 Chuk Kam medallion is the purest gold available in the market. Each year, King Fook produces a commemorative medallion celebrating the Chinese zodiac sign of the year. Designed in-house and crafted with cutting-edge technology in Switzerland, the limited-edition medallions have become one of the most sought-after collectibles. The tradition continues in the Year of the Ox with the launch of the limited-edition, highly collectible 999.99 Chuk Kam medallion, crafted in Switzerland with advanced forging technology. A perfect asset for hedging and a treat for the eyes, the engraving depicts the look and the contour of an ox animatedly. Created with exceptional craftsmanship, the 999.99 Chuk Kam medallion is the ideal gift in the Year of the Ox and a great investment for jewellery enthusiasts.