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King Fook Jewellery presents the Fruitail Collection
A Juicy Feast of Bejewelled Symbolism

King Fook Jewellery presents the Fruitail Collection
A Juicy Feast of Bejewelled Symbolism


Just as there is a language of flowers, we can also find symbolic meanings in fruits. The luscious fragrances of ripe fruits inspire King Fook Jewellery to merge symbolism of fruits with shimmering fashion jewellery  design. The fruit of this labour is the latest Fruitail Collection, in which three common fruits - apple, pineapple and strawberry - are brought to life with exquisite design and skilful stone-setting in this splendid fete of life and colours.

The Apple - A Blessing Most Sincere

'Apple' in Chinese sounds the same as the word for peace or calm, so an apple, also known as the peaceful fruit, is a wish for wellness and a serene, sweet life. The red apple is also present in festive occasions, adding to its symbolism of happiness. Our designers put the blessings of the crispy apple into shimmering diamond jewellery styles, outlining the fruit in soft, clean lines; the fresh and elegant pieces are crafted in 18K white gold and rose gold and set with dazzling diamonds; on-trend asymmetrical paring of earrings refreshes everyday looks.







Another design features the cross-section of an apple with shimmering white diamonds as its flesh; a dent cleverly placed at the corner makes it look ike a bite has been taken out of the apple, playing with the senses with a delectable piece of jewellery. Ideal for gifting and styling, the wish for wellness this piece carries is universal. 






The Pineapple – A Good Fortune to Embrace

The tropical pineapple evokes the image of a lively woman full of youthful energy; symbolising endless good fortune, it becomes a stunning pair of chic and creative earrings in the hands of our designers. The crown of the pineapple crafted in 18K white gold, and its 18K-gold-outlined skin is skilfully studded with white diamonds. The vivid colours and design, as well as the lucky symbolism, radiate good vibes and cheerful energy.






The Strawberry - A Tale of True Romance

The sweet strawberry is a favourite among young women. Shaped like a heart the enticing fruit is also a symbol of blissful romance. Our designers put the allegory of ideal love into these ravishing diamond-studded designs, where 18K white gold and rose gold portray the shape of the fruit with white diamonds set at the front. Stylish yet refined, the pieces add to the glow on women in love and exude captivating charm on classy singles sure to make an unforgettable impression on a date.





Convey heartfelt wishes and optimism with our Fruitail Collection; add a vivid touch to your every look in a dazzling rhapsody of fruity sparkles.