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King Fook Jewellery introduces the Lotus Collection
Pure, elegant bridal jewellery pieces embodying feminine charm

King Fook Jewellery is delighted to present the latest Lotus Collection, a range of 999.9 fine gold jewellery pieces inspired by the noble flower in Chinese culture - the lotus. A flower that grows from murky water while staying pure, bursting into an upright, singular beauty, the lotus has long been considered elegant and refined. In this collection, the pure, innocent flower, its seeds, representing the wish for the continuation of the family line with male offspring, and its root - a homophone for the word for 'couple' - are rendered as graceful and stylish gold pieces.


A symbol of goodness and bliss, the lotus has long been widely used in jewellery design. For the long necklace in the latest collection, the dazzling lotus in bloom is rendered in clean, fluid lines and both the flower and the seed of the lotus are used in the design. The nine lotus seeds symbolise the wish for the continuation of the family line and the birth of male offspring, while its root represents a match made in heaven. Upon blossoming the lotus's seed-pod will produce seeds which develop into new roots later in the winter; the immaculate and exquisite life cycle of the lotus is perfectly encapsulated in the collection, which at the same time carries the hopes of the newlywed and the good wishes of their loved ones. The clean, delicate styles are rich in auspicious meanings while modern enough for the bride to shine in her own personality and taste when styled with a traditional gown or an evening dress.


The Lotus Collection 999.9 Gold Necklace


The collection also offers a variety of bracelets, rings and earrings, all made with 999.9 fine gold. Perfect on the wedding day or afterwards as everyday accessories, the collection is sure to enhance your look on all occasions.

The Lotus Collection 999.9 Gold Earrings


The Lotus Collection 999.9 Gold Ring


The Lotus Collection 999.9 Gold Bracelet



Let King Fook Jewellery's Lotus Collection of 999.9 gold jewellery pieces cast a pure glow upon your everyday style!