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King Fook Jewellery’s Latest CalaBASH Collection
Brings Understated Sparkle to your Daily Lives

King Fook Jewellery’s Latest CalaBASH Collection
Brings Understated Sparkle to your Daily Lives


Living in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong where life is always on-the-go, a selection of versatile and refined jewellery pieces is crucial to match the dynamic urban rhythm. With this in mind, King Fook Jewellery has created the CalaBASH Collection with the aim of spicing up your everyday wear with the whimsical silhouette of hulus. Whether it is heading to work, dressing up for parties and dates, chilling out with friends or embarking on a trip, you can embellish your outfits effortlessly with these elegant jewellery pieces. Featuring a plethora of designs, including graceful pearls, sparkling diamonds and splendid sapphires, this collection is perfect to brighten your look in every setting.


The simple and chic designs as the jewellery essentials for office ladies
Dressing for the office in the morning takes time and energy. When timing is tight, a set of plain or striped suits paired with white or black T-shirt is the perfect answer to a casual yet professional look. Now all you need is a piece of delicate jewellery that adds a touch of chicness to your ensemble. The 18K white gold long necklace featured in King Fook Jewellery’s Latest CalaBASH Collection features eight identical-sized glittery hulus. While the necklace is an ideal option to adorn a plain top, the collection also includes a matching bracelet. To add a touch of femininity to your sophisticated office look, the exquisite diamond hulu pendant or a pair of minimalist diamond earrings will be a great choice for white-collar workers.


Classic diamond jewellery pieces will earn you approvals from your inner circles
Weekends are all about letting your hair down and spending time with your girl pals – Whether it is throwing on casual wear to meet our friends for indulgent feasts in restaurants, or dressing up in a sexy off-the-shoulder dress and sip on cocktails in rooftop bars. To complete your look with a touch of sophistication, adorn your outfit with CalaBASH’s lightweight diamond pendant paired with swaying sling-shaped earrings.


Be the talk of the town in any party with these striking designs 
Whether you are spending a romantic evening with your loved one or joining a star-studded event with gorgeous party-goers, an outfit that shows off your figure would no doubt steal the spotlight. Throw on a feminine fringe skirt, dress up in an off-shoulder dress with colourful prints, or slip into a handsome backless jumpsuit – spice up your evening look with a pair of understated 18K rose-gold diamond earrings with a matching pendant of the same style. Lastly, complete your look with eye-catching red lips to reflect your fervent and spontaneous charisma.


Magnificent sapphire pendant for a graceful and elegant banquet look 
At any gala dinner or important occasion, a piece of striking jewellery adds the perfect touch to a gorgeous dinner dress. King Fook Jewellery’s Latest CalaBASH Collection nods to the trending Paisley Pattern by crafting an elegant hulu pendant with this graceful design. With a visually-arresting sapphire taking center stage in this piece, this creation is a beautifully blend of grace, style and uniqueness. Now all you need is a simple black lace dress, and you will no doubt steal everyone’s attention.


Channel pearl ornaments to exude unusual beauty
While travelling is all about some much-needed relaxation, it is important to make sure your outfits are Insta-worthy enough to look sharp in your travel photos. Whether you are dressed in a flowing chiffon floral dress, a classic short-sleeved shirt over a pair of jeans or a bright colorful skirt, the right choice of accessories is an integral part of the stylish look. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to pack the entire jewellery box in our suitcase. Therefore, a series of versatile pearl jewellery can cater to your different needs. Simple and elegant, pearl diamonds are known for their power to exude women’s graceful and gentle temperament. The aesthetics of a hulu is brought to life, as a fine white South Sea pearl is used as the bottom of the hulu with its curved spires highlighted by 18K white gold and diamonds.


So let King Fook Jewellery’s Latest CalaBASH Collection becomes part of your daily lives, let it keeps you company in different occasions and transforms you into an individual with natural elegance.