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masterpiece by king fook Writes a New Chapter of Haute Couture Jewellery in its Brand New Harbour City Store

Exclusive Boutique of International Luxury Jewellery Brands
masterpiece by king fook Writes a New Chapter of Haute Couture Jewellery in its
Brand New Harbour City Store


Founded in 1999, masterpiece by king fook is heralded as Hong Kong’s first and only exclusive boutique of international luxury jewellery brands. Sourcing only from the topnotch jewellery houses in Europe, masterpiece by king fook brings together premium jewellery brands, including Annamaria Cammilli, Mattia Cielo, Palmiero and Stenzhorn, to win over the Hong Kong customers with extraordinary design and exquisite craftsmanship.


As an industry leader that has always been advancing with the times and striving for perfection, King Fook Jewellery marks its 70th anniversary with a brand-new location of masterpiece by king fook. Nestled in Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, the largest retail complex in Hong Kong, the new boutique will take advantage of the mall’s international style meeting point. As a toast to King Fook Jewellery’s 70 years of legendary legacy, the brand will offer a range of exclusive in-house designed jewellery creations based on the theme of “Past, Present and Future”. Strongly encouraged by the enthusiastic support of customers, the brand strives to further its development including the introduction of exciting elements in the latest boutique of masterpiece by king fook.


As a luxury brand with emphasis on creative design and aesthetics, masterpiece by king fook sees jewellery design and visual merchandising as one. The brand especially invited renowned Japanese art illustrator Mio Matsumoto and Hong Kong's famous Western calligrapher Kalo Chu to collaborate and elevate jewellery design and presentation with the versatility of art. To celebrate the upcoming festivities, the two talents will portray the unique combination of jewellery and art through the window designs for Christmas, Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day. Expect plenty of vibrant floral watercolour drawings embellished by delicate calligraphy brush strokes, a perfect way to match the jovial festive atmosphere in the holiday season. 


Mio Matsumoto, a graduate of Royal College of Art, is a Japanese art illustrator known for her stylish illustrations depicting everyday life and portraits. Kalo Chu, on the other hand, is one of the pioneers who started teaching Western calligraphy in Hong Kong. Through passing on her skills of the art, Chu hopes to share the essence of Western calligraphy with more art aficionados in the city.


By inviting the two artists of different sectors to collaborate, the brand hopes to create an exceptional image for the store as well as an effort to support international and local art and culture. As a long-standing local brand, King Fook Jewellery will no doubt surprise customers with this unexpected collaboration between the two contemporary artists.


Celebrated for its sleek allure and elegant chic, masterpiece by king fook specialises in its own in-house designed diamond jewellery pieces as well as its exclusive offering of extraordinary designs by some of Europe's top brands, including Italian jewellery brands Palmiero, Annamaria Cammilli, Mattia Cielo as well as German brand Stenzhorn. These brands have all inherited the family business's unwavering commitment to superior quality and traditional craftsmanship, showcasing the essence of European jewellery aesthetics and craftsmanship.


To celebrate King Fook Jewellery’s 70 years of legacy and the new store opening, the brand will offer a range of exclusive in-house designed jewellery creations based on the theme of “Past, Present and Future”. Featuring a range of versatile and stylish earrings, bracelets and brooches, the collection is ideal for modern ladies who yearn for unique aesthetics and practicality. 


With inspiration drawn from the trending icons of different ages, King Fook Jewellery sheds light on the brand’s 70 years of legendary heritage. The design also symbolizes the brand’s pledge to continue to march towards a brighter future with customers, as well as to draw more modern young female customers by offering minimalistic and stylish designs. 


With the theme of "Past, Present and Future", the jewellery pieces of this collection are divided into three parts. The designs of “Past” section nods to the nostalgic game of “Tic Tac Toe” that stirs up plenty of childhood memories. By adorning earrings, necklaces and bracelets with circles and crosses, as well as glistening 18K white gold diamonds, the designer brought the classic childhood game alive through these everyday fashion jewellery pieces.


Do you know what does “XOXO” stand for? For the "Now" section, designers paid tribute to some of the most popular trending slangs nowadays. XOXO, for example, stands for Hugs and Kisses. While these loving symbols are placed onto a key with 18K white gold diamonds, other meaningful abbreviations are also found on other jewellery pieces – think LOL (Laugh Out Loud), BFF (Best Friend Forever) to name a few. Playful and mischievous, these designs are perfect gifts to share joy and love with your beloved friends and family.


Lastly, the "Future" section celebrates innovation with novelty designs by drawing inspiration from the starry sky. The designers transformed mundane safety pins into avant-garde art pieces adorned with stars and planets. Not only do these designs look chic, they also serve as lucky charms that send auspicious blessings. The collection features a simple yet tasteful range of brooches and earrings, as well as pendants that are embellished with 18K white gold diamonds, mother-of-pearl, rubies and yellow sapphires.


In the coming years, masterpiece by king fook’s Harbour City branch will adhere to the brand's pursuit of design and craftsmanship, offer customers a collection of premium jewellery from all worldwide, and create a new chapter in haute couture jewellery.