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Mattia Cielo Blends Tradition and Technology to Launch New Dynamic Jewellery Designs
at masterpiece by king fook to Celebrates the Intellectual Beauty of Women

Mattia Cielo Blends Tradition and Technology to Launch New Dynamic Jewellery Designs 
at masterpiece by king fook to Celebrates the Intellectual Beauty of Women 
Under the Theme of "Power Ladies"


As the pivot of international jewellery brands, masterpiece by king fook strives to bring the world's top luxury jewellery pieces to Hong Kong customers in order to meet their different needs. This year, its exclusive Italian premium jewellery brand Mattia Cielo presents a series of unique and dynamic fashion jewellery under the theme of “Power Ladies”. By drawing inspiration from the modern industrial design and ergonomic research, the design enables the jewellery to move according to body rhythms. Through the showcase of movement between the touch and swing, this reflects the brand’s endless creativity.


Born in Vicenza, the “City of Jewellery”, renowned jeweller Mattia Cielo has been breathing and living Italy's strong jewellery culture since the very young age. In 2006, Cielo founded the eponymous jewellery brand. Since then, the brand has been combining advanced technology and traditional jewellery craftsmanship and applying variable quality dynamics to jewellery creation. The result is a lively jewellery collection that is designed for the third millennium and dynamic jewellery, shaping Mattia Cielo into the world-famous brand it is today.


Featuring the theme of "Power Ladies", the brand nods to modern women by celebrating their fearless spirit, powerful vision, confidence, as well as their intellectual beauty and unique femininity. As a tribute to body rhythm, Mattia Cielo hopes women can show off their personal style, posture and thoughts by wearing his jewellery pieces. His iconic designs are also favoured by various famed Hollywood stars, counting famous American singer Jennifer Lopez, American actor and singer Lea Michele as well as Hollywood actress Jason Momoa's wife Lisa Bonet among his fans. 


Mattia Cielo's jewellery's avant-garde design, dynamic form, and modern expression are based on seven elements, including Circle, Signature, Flexibility, Lightness, Softness, Movement, and Design.


As the symbol of totality and eternity, circles are simple and humble, representing the core value of the brand. Combined with exquisite traditional craftsmanship, the perfect round shape is used in Mattia Cielo's avant-garde jewellery design to showcase the elegance of the jewellery.


The formation of a gold multi-hoop ring in a rotating form is a key feature of the Mattia Cielo jewellery collection. The design also lives up to the core values of the brand – just as the brand continues to pursue innovation and progress, breaking through the limits and creating jewellery that transcends the future. Spiral design is widely used in the Rugiada series – whether it is a sparkling diamond or a ring adorned with a small golden ball, every piece sparkles elegantly and reflects your personal taste.


The brand takes full advantage of today's aerospace industry technology and titanium alloys to push the jewellery's flexibility to the extreme, creating jewellery pieces with a “super-memory” that adjust according to your body movements. The result is a piece of jewellery that is truly your own. Featuring multiple gold rings and diamonds, the bracelets of the Rugiada series will automatically return to its original shape after being worn and never deform.


Lightness and Softness
Staying true to the motto of "Quietly powerful, light as a feather", Mattia Cielo ensures style doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. Whether it is a diamond-studded necklace or a pair of dangle earring, these featherlight jewellery pieces allow wearer to look good and feel good at the same time. For Mattia Cielo, the lightweight nature, softness and wearability of jewellery is a necessity in life, just like the sense of freedom.


Progress is achieved through a constant attempt to move towards a better future step by step. As a firm believer that jewellery design should move forward with time or even surpass the times, Mattia Cielo has made the production of dynamic jewellery pieces for the third millennium the brand’s mission. By staying true to their mission in times of change, Mattia Cielo strives to march towards the future together with the world. 


The brand's minimalist and elegant design combines ergonomic design, superb cutting-edge technology and extraordinary Italian goldsmithing to create contemporary jewellery with both tradition and innovation.


Among the many series of Mattia Cielo, the Masterpiece series with rich personality and taste fully captures the independent beauty of modern women. Featuring a futuristic silhouette with a shade of metallic blue as the main colour, the piece is also adorned with a layer studded with glistening diamonds, adding a playful touch to the overall design. The Fiore diamond ring, as its name implies, features a floral theme. Thanks to the craftsman’s skilled artistry, each white diamond is inlayed onto every stigma of the flower, allowing the wearer to feel the exquisite craftsmanship daily. 


Various collections by Mattia Cielo collection is now exclusively available at masterpiece by king fook.