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Paper Plane Collection

Simple and modest, paper plane is a toy that carries the childhood memories of many adults and the infinite hopes of every child. With the popularity of the Past Present Future Collection, King Fook Jewellery is bringing back the “Past” with a new collection of diamond accessories inspired by the image of paper planes gliding in the air. Infusing the good old times and fond childhood memories, this heartfelt and delicate collection evokes the childlike innocence of the wearer. With a straightforward contour, King Fook’s designers highlight the marked image of a paper plane while incorporating playful and cute little cloud element to recreate the picture of a paper plane gliding under the firmament, turning a childhood toy into meaningful, dream-filled and stylish accessories. A toy that transcends time, the Paper Plane Diamond Collection reinterprets our childhood memories with a fun and playful twist, adding elegance to spontaneousness, appending a touch of innocence on maturity.

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