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Each and every piece of diamond, gemstone or jade is unique, and that dictates the intrinsic value of its rarity. At King Fook, only the highest grade of precious stones and materials are selected for designing and making into fine jewellery collections. Each design is meticulously articulated and handmade by skillful master crafters. Such pursuit of perfection defines the unparallel quality of King Fook’s creations.


    Brilliant and mesmerizing, each sparkle ignites imaginations of beauty and glamour. Diamonds only with the highest quality will be chosen by the designers of King Fook, who will transform them into creative expressions of character and flair. Combined with the meticulous craftmanship of the master crafters, jewellery pieces then become works of art.

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    The criteria used to grade and select gemstones are: colour, weight, transparency and clarity. King Fook searches tirelessly for top-rated gemstones and applies exceptional cutting techniques in crafting and polishing the perfect gem jewellery piece.
    King Fook's jewellery items are enchased with single-piece gemstones including rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Our up-to-the-minute, timeless designs ensure they can complement various occasions, styles and moods.

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  • Jades

    Jade – closely associated with Chinese history – has an implicit temperament and has been treasured and sought-after by Chinese ladies for centuries, including Empress Cixi and Lady Jiang Song Mei Ling. Traditional Chinese folklore believes that jade has the power to protect the wearer and ward off evil spirits. It therefore remains regarded as the most precious gemstone in the Chinese jewellery market.

    With the harmonious match of and diamond, jade pieces by King Fook are magnificent combinations of majestic elegance. Each piece of jade and diamond used is carefully selected by experts for its utmost quality and value, then handed to experienced designers and craftsmen to compose the most remarkable jewellery items. With their excellent craftsmanship techniques, the charm of this mythical stone comes to life, bringing to the fore artistry and tradition in a modern way, that conveys the feminine beauty of Chinese ladies.


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