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Showcase of glamorous international jewellery brands in king fook.


    Aaron Basha is a third generation jeweller who is world renowned for his captivating enamel jewelled baby shoes. These collectible baby shoes, which come in more than 200 unique designs, have become a recognisable symbol of love, life and family, as well the perfect gift for mothers. Basha counts numerous celebrities in its roster of clients including Hillary Clinton, Demi Moore, Celine Dion, Madonna, Melanie Griffith, Katie Couric and more. Despite having a high profile clientele, Basha operates in a traditional and personal style – the jewellery is handcrafted in a time-honoured European manner in both Italy, using the finest skill in hand-painting enamel and setting exceptional coloured gemstones and diamonds in 18-caratK gold. The baby’s name can also be engraved in the back of the shoe as a symbol of identity. 



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    Made in Italy, Annamaria Cammilli is known for its meticulous Italian craftsmanship, sophisticated designs and organic shapes that are often inspired by nature. Established over 30 years ago, Annamaria Cammilli is known for its expertise in creating unique gold finishes and shades, which have become the brand’s signature look. The brand created using special techniques combined with different alloys, the result is a range of remarkable 18 carat gold colours including natural beige, ice white, black lava, lemon bamboo yellow, orange apricot, champagne pink, yellow sunrise and chocolate brown, making Annamaria Cammilli the only jeweler in the world that can produce eight unique shades of gold colour consistently and beautifully.


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    Mattia Cielo is a jewellery brand made in Italy founded by jeweller-entrepreneur Mattia Cielo. By drawing inspiration from the modern industrial design and ergonomic research, the design demonstrates metamorphic dynamism, enabling the jewellery to move according to body rhythms. Through the showcase of movement between the touch and swing, this reflects the brand’s endless creativity. Mattia Cielo's jewellery's avant-garde design, dynamic form, and modern expression are based on seven elements, including Circle, Signature, Flexibility, Lightness, Softness, Movement, and Design. The brand’s collections are the perfect mix of modern industrial design and ergonomics, which inspired and created by award-winning art director.



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    Palmiero was established by Carlo Palmiero in the 1970s in Valenza, the Italian capital of high jewellery. Carlo Palmiero strives to break the rules by changing the traditional concept of jewellery solitaire inlays. With unique shape design and exquisite craftsmanship, along with the brand's signature colour gradient processing method, his jewellery pieces are transformed into pieces of sculpture that can be appreciated from a 360-degree view. Crafted in the brand’s atelier-laboratory in Valenza, Carlo oversees all phases of production from the design to the choice of the materials, and works with a selected team of goldsmiths and artisans to create jewels that marry high-tech with high-craft. Each piece is produced in limited quantities, thereby ensuring that its truly different and unique.


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    Stenzhorn was founded in the romantic town of Boppard, Germany, in the heart of the countryside by the Rhine River. The Stenzhorn family has been crafting diamonds and jewels into fine art, and was one of the first companies to develop the technique of invisible diamond setting, pave setting and color graduation. Inspired by the breathtaking surrounds of their native setting, the first Stenzhorn collection was an obvious reflection of the family’s passion for nature. This passion has never faded, with nature and romance being the central themes of all Stenzhorn designs. Wildlife in particular has been one of Stenzhorn’s hallmarks, in addition to the family’s reputation for producing only the highest in luxury jewellery standards.




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