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Independent Swiss Watchmaker Cyrus Releases its Innovative Timepiece Klepcys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon at masterpiece by king fook


Independent Swiss Watchmaker Cyrus Releases its Innovative Timepiece  
Klepcys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon at masterpiece by king fook 




As the pivot of international watch and jewellery brands, masterpiece  by  king  fook strives to bring the world's top luxury jewellery pieces and watches to Hong Kong customers in order to meet their different needs.  Cyrus,  its  exclusive  Swiss  independent  watchmaker  releases  a  new  version of  its  innovative timepiece  designed  for  enthusiasts  of  high-end  exclusive  mechanics  this  year:  the  Klepcys  Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon. 


Led by prolific master watchmaker, Mr. Jean-Francois Mojon, who is also  the  mastermind  behind  top-notch  international  watch  brands. Cyrus   timepieces   are   highly   sought   after   by   only   the   most sophisticated  watch  connoisseurs.  Mojon  has  set  out  to  renew  the magic of the Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon, creating an interpretation that showcases the outstandingly innovative mechanism driving the watch. The tourbillon cage, placed in the middle of the dial is set on a vertical axis  at  a  90°  angle.  Painstaking  studies  by  the  technical  team  at Cyrus revealed that this angle ensures the tourbillon cage is almost always  in  vertical  position  when  on  the  wrist,  thereby  optimising  its performance in precision.  


Spectacular   and   refined,   the   new   Klepcys   Vertical   Skeleton Tourbillon allows fine watchmaking enthusiasts to dive right into the heart of the movement and enjoy the “dance” performed by its parts while reading off the retrograde time. All the visible elements on the “face” of the timepiece are positioned in such a way that ensure the design  is  perfectly  symmetrical,  and  are  set  out  in  a  three-dimensional  architecture  which  adds  further  depth.  The  “beating heart” of the timepiece can also be seen from the case back. 


The  arched  vertical  bridge  inspired  by  Leonardo  da  Vinci’s  bridge,  decorated  using  the  “microbillage” technique  features  bevelled,  polished  edges  and  frames  the  tourbillon  cage  which  performs  one  full rotation in one minute. It harmoniously divides the dial into two equal parts, making it easier to read off the retrograde hours and minutes. 


To the right, a DLC black arch shows a scale running from 0 to 60 and indicated   the   sweeping   retrograde   minutes   with   an   exclusively sculpted hand. And the left-hand arch in white Arabic numerals, which features the same finish as the minutes, marks the retrograde jumping hours. The seconds can be read off the tourbillon cage thanks to small numbered blocks, with the 60 second highlighted in red. Between the two  arches  of  the  tourbillon  bridge,  a  black  DLC  sphere  set  at  12 o’clock to displays the days of the watch’s power reserve (1-4). 


This  masterpiece  enclosed  in  a  44  mm  cushion-shaped  case.  Featuring  a  hand-winding  manufacture movement calibre CYR625, which with a double barrel  offering more than a 100-hour power reserve. It has been painstakingly decorated to give the Klepcys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon a sophisticated allure. 

The  Klepcys  Vertical  Skeleton  Tourbillon  is  a  limited  edition  manufactured  in  three  versions.  Only  five pieces of each are available worldwide: in grade 5 titanium with black DLC treatment, in 4N rose gold and a two-tone version in 4N rose gold with black DLC titanium bezel. The watch is completed with a black alligator leather strap with a folding DLC titanium clasp for the titanium and two-tone versions. The model in 4N rose gold features a brown alligator leather strap, with a gold buckle.