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King Fook Jewellery’s Service Excellence Recognized with Top Award from
Hong Kong Retail Management Association

King Fook Jewellery’s Service Excellence Recognized with Top Award from 
Hong Kong Retail Management Association 


King Fook Jewellery Group is proud to be awarded of the Excellence Award by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA). It coincides with the 70th anniversary of King Fook, and recognizes the company’s commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience.


The Excellence Award is part of HKMA’s "Service Retailers of the Year" annual award scheme under the Association's Mystery Shopper Programme (MSP). This recognizes retailers that have shown excellent service performance during the entire year by achieving the highest scores in the four three-month assessment periods based on a range of criteria including “shopping environment”, “shopping experience” and “completion of transaction”. The Excellence Award is only awarded to retailer whose service is evaluated as the top-notch in the Mystery Shopper Programme (MSP) for two consecutive years.


“King Fook upholds the core values of being customer-oriented with our services. We provide our staff with trainings, including visits to jewellery exhibitions and internal training programme. The internal training programme allows colleagues to vote among them for the most excellent staff specialising in particular areas such that the winners will be the corresponding training team leaders. This training programme enhances the communication and complementary among the team to offer services of the highest quality to our customers.” said Ms. Paulette Sum, General Manager of King Fook Holdings Limited.


The Excellence Award 2018 from HKRMA rounds off a successful year for King Fook Jewellery, which is going to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Throughout its 70-year history, Kong Fook has focused on a customer-oriented approach based on quality and integrity; the Excellence Award recognizes these consistent high standards of service related to every aspect of the relationship between customer and company.


King Fook will not rest on its laurels, however, but will continue to strive to connect intimately with customers to provide excellence in service through upgrading of service standards and consolidation of customer relationships.