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    999.9 BullionSellHK$635HK$23,780

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The Italian Jeweller Palmiero Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Italian Jeweller Palmiero Celebrates 40th Anniversary 
Brings a new Collection to masterpiece by king fook with 
the Theme of "40 Years - When Jewellery Meets Art" 


As the pivot of international jewellery brands, masterpiece by king fook strives to bring the world's top luxury jewellery pieces to Hong Kong customers in order to meet their different needs. Palmiero, its exclusive Italian premium jewellery brand, has always been at the forefront of the Haute Couture Jewellery industry. This year, Palmiero celerbates its 40th anniversary with a new collection with the theme of “40 Years – When Jewellery Meets Art”, of which jewellery masterpieces are created to reflect traditional Italian craftsmanship and unique jewellery art pieces. 


“Inspiration can come from a dew drop on a blade of glass, a particular architecture or even a piece of cloth seen during a fashion show. I believe in curiosity and in my “childish” eyes creative artists have never lost, even when they are 100 years old!” said Founder and Designer Carlo Palmiero.


Carlo Palmiero firmly believes that jewellery pieces are more than accessories, but a work of art. Through the play with pulsating shades, designs and lines, designers can explore the exciting and imaginative space of art. A designer as well as an artist, Carlo creates with gold instead of a canvas and with colourful gemstones instead of paint. Coupled with his enthralling imagination, he uses jewellery as a means to express different emotions. Through the exceptional craftsmanship of inlaying, a collection of precious, rare and high-quality gemstones is crafted into art pieces bursting with passion. This year’s theme "40 years – When Jewellery Meets Art" is Carlo’s strong pursuit for art. “After 40 years of continuous research, I decided to marry jewellery with art instead of focusing on the mass market. I try to express my strong sentiments for arts through jewellery creations.” Therefore, the photos of this jewellery series are all framed, resembling the masterpieces displayed at the museums. The flawless combination of jewellery pieces and art reflects the brand's passion for art.



Blooming flowers have always been a source of inspiration for designers. Palmiero's brand new "Embracing Flowers" collection is the perfect expression of the beauty of flowers. The designer brings a flower to life by lighting up the pistil with a mix of colourful gemstones as well as highlighting the texture of petals with gemstones and white diamonds. The result is a vivid floral diamond ring with an explosion of colours. 


In addition to the floral designs, the brand also launched the "Underwater World" series, a collection that explores the magical force of the ocean. By using exquisite craftsmanship, the designer outlines the silhouette of swimming fish using rare black and white diamonds and sapphires. A pair of lifelike Pisces earrings is born to perfectly reflect the enchanting beauty of the marine world.


Whether it is at work or at home, modern women constantly strive for perfection and personal achievements. The design concept of the "Vanity" series is derived from the sense of accomplishment of the metropolitan ladies. The necklace, entirely inlaid with dazzling white diamonds, makes a strong statement of contemporary bold lines. This jewellery piece reflects confidence and femininity of modern women through glistening jewels and an audacious design.


The new "Tissage" series is a truly unique creation. Glistening and bold, the ring is entirely beset with colourful diamonds inlayed by the designers with unique aesthetics. Whether you want to make a bold fashion statement or you are looking for an elegant and stylish adornment, these rings from the "Tissage" series can no doubt put you in the lime light. 


Let’s embark on a journey to a culturally-rich jewellery art museum with Palmiero’s brand new diamond jewellery series. These art-inspired creations are now exclusively available at masterpiece by king fook.